Having processes in place is necessary to ensure good corporate governance. Within your company you may currently have informal processes which appear to work fine or even possibly a mind-set that you do not need processes.

However as companies grow in turnover, service offering, geographical spread and numbers of employees it is important that the directors have control and consistency of how the business functions. At Elemental our approach is to ensure that whatever processes you wish to adopt these are simple and support rather than interrupt the business.

Process should be documented, followed and open to audit but they also must be sufficiently flexible to adjust in certain circumstances.

Over the years of our industry experience we know what works and what does not when it comes to processes and have successfully drafted and implemented many commercial and procurement processes into different companies over the years. We also appreciate that pre-empting growth with processes rather than trying to play catch-up is important.

We believe that simple and efficient processes will add real value to the corporate governance of your company and should be seen as a support rather than a hindrance.