Construction Contract Dispute services and more.

At Elemental we offer a range of services to builders and construction companies in the UK and ROI to help them deal with disputes, claims and more. Below is a list of our core services but please get in contact if there’s something else you believe we can help with.

  • construction mediation ireland

    Construction Mediation

    Mediation is a voluntary, non-binding process entered into by the mutual agreement of disputing parties whereby a neutral third party (the Mediator) is appointed to manage the process in order to guide the parties toward a resolution through effective communication and principled negotiation. more about Mediation

  • training for construction law

    In-house training

    Elemental can offer tailored seminars and workshops to address any construction contractual issue that your company may consider appropriate. Regular training will avoid fatal errors and ensure proper management of risks. more about Training

  • adjudication

    Construction Adjudication (UK)

    Adjudication is by its very nature a speedy process and as such the parties to this process must comply with certain timeframes that, if they are not met may compromise the jurisdiction of the adjudicator. more about our Adjudication service

  • construction contract claims northern ireland

    Construction Claims

    It is not uncommon for matters to arise during a construction project that change the cost, time or working conditions envisaged at the time of entering the contract. Such changes will need to be quantified. more about our Claims service

      • construction law

        Construction Arbitration

        Arbitration is a formal, private and binding process where disputes are resolved by a final award made by one or more independent arbitrators. more about our arbitration service

      • construction reports ireland

        Expert Reports

        Elemental are often appointed to provide an opinion on a construction related problem or dispute, either to assist in the presentation of a claim or during the course of proceedings. more about our reports and litigation service

      • contract

        Contract Drafting

        Parties to a contract are more likely to understand and comply with their obligations if they are clear, unambiguous and carefully expressed in writing. This is where Elemental can help. more about Contract Drafting

      • construction mediation ireland

        Adjudication (ROI)

        Any Contract for construction operations entered into after 25 July 2016 will now be subject to statutory provisions to improve payment procedures and allow contracting parties the right to refer payment disputes to adjudication. You can seek the best advice on your contract and payment disputes at Elemental. More about our ROI Adjudication service

  • programming
    Project Management & Programming

    Elemental have extensive experience in project management and our seasoned construction professionals have provided various project management and programming solutions to a wide variety of clients across Ireland and the UK. More about our Project Management & Programming Service

  • procurement

    Elemental has a wealth of procurement experience in all areas of the entire procurement cycle, from identifying the need right through to post award contract management. More about our Procurement Service