Having delivered many civil engineering and construction projects under various forms of contract and with a wide range of contract values we can offer practical and experienced project and commercial management advice and support: This can include:

  • Management of the pre and post contract construction phases
  • Advice of contract types and procurrent methods
  • Ensuring contractual complaints profit interest and rights
  • Preparing budgets, ongoing cost / financial monitoring and final forecasting;
  • Helping to assess variations / compensation events / claims to ensure full entitlement is being ascertained;
  • Ensuring subcontractors terms and conditions are aligned with your own;
  • Manging project risks;
  • Management of the process for value engineering;
  • Challenging the normal reporting standard and helping to improve these;
  • Preparing reports for board of directors on various project issues;
  • Setting and executing commercial strategies on problematic projects;
  • Ensuring notices are issued to comply with contract requirements;
  • Negotiating / assisting in negotiating final accounts / complex claims;
  • Embedding our experienced project or commercial managers in your business for short / long term basis to supervise projects / less experienced team members.

All of these items should lead to a ‘no-shock’ project outturn leaving directors able to plan their business knowing the profitability of projects. We will add value by sharing our skills which will enable your teams to be better prepared for the next project they work on whilst ensuring maximum return for the current projects.