Why is Project Management and Programming important?

In order to plan your project effectively a programme will be required. The importance of this document cannot be understated as it allows your business to determine and manage plant, labour and resources, monitor cost, schedule performance, forecast your business financials and proactively manage project risks. Programming is also an essential tool for identifying project delays and supporting an extension of time claim and associated costs, not to mention that a tender programme will determine whether or not the works are achievable in the first instance.

An increasing number of construction projects will require programmes to be regularly updated throughout the project lifecycle to reflect the changing circumstances encountered on the project, and of course to be revised in accordance with the contract conditions!

Elemental will liaise with your construction team to produce accurate, contractually compliant and realistic programmes utilising standard industry software. There are a number of options available which can be tailored to suit your project or specific business needs and resources from one off tender programmes to a full project planning and programme management service for the duration of your project.